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From sheet masks to adult coloring books to meditation apps, self-care is all the rage these days. We don’t see any reason why your dental health and oral hygiene can’t be part of this new, trendy way of making yourself feel and function better. We even think it might make caring for your smile more fun and relaxing.

Pamper Your Gums by Flossing

When you go get a massage, you can expect a lot of benefits other than just feeling pampered. Getting a massage increases blood flow to your tissues, which means more nutrients coming in and more waste being taken away. How about adding a massage session for your gums to your routine? In additional to physically removing debris and plaque, flossing can increase circulation in your gums, much like a massage. If you have trouble motivating yourself to floss, try thinking of it as a massage session for your gums. We bet you’ll have a new appreciate for that tingly just-flossed feeling in your gums afterward.

Make Oral Hygiene a Sensory Experience

If you’ve ever used scented candles, essential oils, or herbal tea to stimulate your senses, you should consider applying the same sensory experience to your oral hygiene routine. There is no rule that says that your toothpaste has to be mint-flavored, it just happens to be a flavor that most people associate with freshness, which makes it popular. You can make brushing your teeth more of an adventure for your senses by using an alternative toothpaste flavor, such as citrus, cinnamon, or fennel. There are even novelty flavors out there like bacon and cupcake. Whatever sensory experience you choose, just be sure the toothpaste contains fluoride.

Pretend Your Cleaning Appointment Is a Spa Visit

We know this one may sound like a bit of a stretch at first, but going to your regular dental checkup and teeth cleaning and going to the spa really aren’t that different. Instead of a cushioned massage table you get a comfy recliner chair. You have a team of specialists giving you one-on-one attention and looking after your wellbeing. You can even think of your teeth cleaning and polishing as a facial for your smile. After all, both involve cleansing to remove potentially harmful debris and improved aesthetics. Feel free to bring along your favorite soothing music (and a set of headphones) to enjoy during your appointment. Or, if you can manage it, imagine the sound of the tooth polisher is the rush of a mountain waterfall or the crashing surf at the coast.

Think of Your Oral Health Holistically

While you go to a physician to look after your body and a dentist to look after your mouth, the truth is that these two elements of your health are inextricably linked. Your mouth is the gateway to your body and what happens there affects your overall health. Paying proper attention to your oral health can mean improvements in other aspects of your health. A little attention and prevention go a long way!

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